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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 12:45 AM
Yep it's finally happened, my niece's school's principal has gone from a roaring kick ass take no prisoner king of the jungle down a pussy cat afraid of a few parents protesting the celebration of Halloween.

Ever since I can remember her school has had a rockin kick ass Halloween Masquerade Ball for the fifth to eighth graders.

Yep you're reading it right. My youngest niece Brianna daughter of my oldest Brother Jet, came home on Thursday with a notice that read:

To all parents/grandparents/guardians of Students K-8

With the event of Halloween upon us,we have been in long discussions with the school board about our traditional Halloween Activities and have come to the difficult decision that we may not be having our traditional Halloween Activities this year.

Many parents of children from different ethnic cultures and religions that have children in the lower grades have contacted the school board directly complaining that the the traditional 5-8 Grade Halloween Costume Masquerade Ball and the traditional Class to Class Trick or Treating for the students Kindergarten to fourth grade are infringing on their cultural and religious beliefs and they are uncomfortable with their children being 'forced' to take part in these activities.

It has also come to our explicit attention from the parents of students from other Religions and Ethnic Cultures that they do not feel comfortable with our traditional Halloween Celebration Activities as they feel it violates their Religious and Cultural Beliefs in many ways and have had their children coming home in tears over being 'forced' into taking part in last years Halloween Activities.

Let me make things clear: At no time is anyone FORCED or EXPECTED to participate in these activities, it is a personal choice! Not a school choice. If you do not want to participate in the School Wide Halloween Activities, then take an early weekend and we'll see you on Monday bright and early!

I am sure that this will come as a heartbreaking piece of news but the majority of the parents and grand parents of new students feel frightened when it comes to Halloween as they have not yet come to understand we are only having a day of fun in good spirits and as your school principal I steadfastly refuse to bow down to them when it comes to Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day and our traditional Christmas Ball.

I have found myself in conference with many parents who are unfamiliar with our Holidays, screaming at the top of their lungs at me for corrupting their children with Satanic views and forcing them to strip themselves of their heritage and adopt western ideals, demanding to know why school wasn't in session on Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve and New Years Day, demanding to know why school isn't in session on Good Friday or Easter Monday or in July and August. I have found myself time and again explaining that this is a Jewish Academy and we recognize certain Religious Holidays to no avail, they simply insist that their children are being 'robbed' of their educational instruction time while we 'Americans' keep our children at home fattening them up and making them even more stupid then they already are.

On Monday October 13th, I will be going to a conference with the school board and the school's superintendent to discuss this matter further and to get our activities back on track regardless of what the majority want, this is not up for them to debate and put their negative spin on.

The school board and the school superintendent have agreed that the majority of complaints make no sense and we are working tirelessly to root out the source of all these complaints and the road is narrowing down to four sets of families who are new to this country and are going through an introductory course to make them more familiar with Western Holidays and we are tirelessly working to help them understand that Halloween is not a time where people invade your home nor is it a time where your religious and custom choices are taken away from you.

I am pleased though to say that out of the four two have come to an understanding that it is their choice as to whether or not their children dress up for Halloween, sadly one of the other two families have chosen to remove their children from the school out of fear for their safety and have started down the path of homeschooling them and keeping them free from negative outside influences that can in their tightly guarded opinion 'corrupt them and take them away from their path to their savior.'

The second family has yet to decide what to do with their children from Kindergarten to the eighth grade, they have decided to pray,reflect,meditate and talk about it until they come to a concrete decision.

We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.

In no way shape or form are our Halloween Activities forced upon anyone at any time, if a student does not wish to participate because of Religious beliefs then that student may take the day off from school and return on Monday morning and if the next set of upcoming activities offend them then we will deal with that as they come down the turn pike.

I thank you for your patience for reading this lengthy letter and a follow up on Tuesday will be emailed to you or sent home with your child.

Thank you

So in a nutshell, there are some parents of children of other faiths and cultures who have some really crazy notions that the school is forcing their children to participate in Halloween Activities and want to put an end to the Halloween Activities that usually occur on Halloween.

 I know how many parents of different cultures feel because some of my friends and former co-workers who are of different ethnicities, cultures and religions were at one time in this position, torn between their parents demanding they continue to strictly follow their religion's guidelines the way they have followed the guidelines for many generations and their want of independence from their controlling parents only to come to the decision that okay we're in America now,we're American Citizens yet we're from India or Pakistan or Sri Lanka and yes Halloween is a bit confusing and often times scary but we're not going to curl up in a petrified ball and bubble wrap our kids and shove them in a windowless room until it's over!

No! We're gonna go to the library,do some research on Halloween,get an understanding of what it's all about then we'll take our kids costume shopping all the while explaining that we are not offending our god's beliefs nor are we violating any church/temple/gathering place rules.

It's once a year so it is fine to go trick or treating just like the other kids do in costume.

But these parents are the ones who ruined MY generation with their parents demands that the Halloween Masquerade Ball be cancelled because they felt it was imposing on their ideals,beliefs and their faiths so they just HAD to put a stop to it and went directly to the school board and when that didn't work, they took it to the courts claiming their civil rights were being violated by the school forcing their children to partake in 'fiendish' activities.


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